Add ethnicity and ethnicity source for students

The ethnicity field is found within the Identity section on a student's profile.

If the student has an ethnicity, Arbor will assume the ethnicity code is P or C unless you select otherwise.



You can then click into the Ethnicity field, which will bring a slide-over. From here, you are able to select the child's Ethnicity and Ethnicity Source



Select the ethnicity by scrolling or typing into the box. To choose the ethnicity source, click the drop-down menu and select from the available options.



Bulk Updating Ethnicity and Ethnicity Source

To update fields in bulk, go to Students > All Students > Bulk Update > Basic Student Details.

Select the students with missing ethnicities, then click the Bulk action button and choose Bulk Edit Ethnicity.



In the slide over, select the ethnicity of these students, then click the green button to save your changes.



If the ethnicity source of a student is not C or P, you will also need to update this. Select the students then click the Bulk action button and choose Bulk Edit Ethnicity Source.



In the slide over, select the ethnicity source, then click the green button to save your changes.




Can we report on ethnicity?

Alongside the bulk page, you can also report on ethnicity in the Enrolment area. Take a look at these instructions: Report on ethnicity and BAME

I can't select the right ethnicity?

Please see our guidance here: Can we add or remove Ethnicity types?

Why is this information required?

The DfE collect ethnicity details for all pupils, including pupils no longer on enrolled. The DfE would expect you to collect information about ethnicity, but not to ascribe it, or assume the ethnic identity of anyone. 

If your school has a policy where you don't ask the student's ethnicity, you can set this as Information Not Yet Obtained. If a guardian declines to provide ethnicity data you can select Refused.

What are the acceptable ethnicity sources?

As of 2017, in order to comply with DfE guidance, only values P or C are valid as ethnicity sources. You should check using the bulk update page that any ethnicity sources only have the codes P or C.

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