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Preparing your schools for the journey

Throughout the coming weeks, your school’s will be undergoing a few changes throughout their journey to Arbor, and it is important that they feel prepared and informed. The key to a successful transition is ensuring the appropriate people are aware of what will be expected of them and the ways in which they will be supported.

Here are some really useful short videos to prepare different members of your schools for Arbor, giving them an overview of how things will look for them in their day to day work life: Intro to Arbor videos

Key things to consider before school onboarding begins

Making your schools aware of the move to Arbor

We know this will feel like a big change for you and your schools, and we understand the need for ensuring that your schools are all aware of what is ahead of them.

We will be here to support you and your schools through the onboarding process, Go Live, and for the continued success with Arbor. 

Here are some helpful communications to share with your schools prior to their journey beginning: Prepare your schools and staff before their move to Arbor

Arbor Champions

Arbor Champions are the individuals appointed at your schools who will help to support and drive the transition to our MIS. Along this journey, we’ll be providing a wealth of support and resources, doing everything that we can to make sure that you love our platform. However, while we can give plenty of support and share all the right resources, ultimately it’s what you do with it that makes the difference. A great Arbor Champion, or team of Champions, enables us to magnify the support we’ll be providing along this journey and ultimately, ensure that Arbor is a huge success for you and your schools.

Here are things to keep in mind:

  • They have the time to dedicate to the project
  • They want to participate regularly, all year round
  • They’re great communicators and will be eager to share their knowledge
  • They represent their stakeholder group

It is always important to consider the timelines that will be set out for your schools ahead of the journey.

Here are some helpful guides below to help you to visualise these timelines and understand what will be expected of your schools at each stage.

Training and Support

We have many sources of training and support resources, which are accessible to you and your schools for your time with Arbor, whether this be for onboarding, go live, and your future with Arbor. 

If you have chosen Arbor Support you will have access to all the resources we provide to support you. However if you have not chosen Arbor Support you can still access the same resources we provide such as training, webinars, Arbor HQ and Help Centre resources, but you will not be able to use the Arbor phone or email support or live chat. 

Training sessions

Training is a key element of your onboarding journey and is vital to ensuring you learn, engage with and love our platform and really embed your new MIS into your organisations. Your training requirements will have been assessed prior to onboarding and your onboarding team will be able to support you with this once your onboarding begins. However, it is recommended that you consider the times, people and sessions that will benefit and support your journey the most.

Free webinars

We deliver free seasonal webinars to support schools during the academic year. Each webinar lasts around 45 minutes plus time for questions. Not only do we deliver these upcoming webinars, we also provide access to past webinars of your choice to support you.

Here is a link to access and sign up for these webinars: Free on demand and upcoming webinars

Arbor HQ

Arbor HQ is your space to network with fellow Arbor users, share top tips and learn best practice: Joining the Arbor HQ Community

Online help

We pride ourselves in our online Help Centre which we regularly update with new articles to support you and your schools. Here you can access Guides, Articles, and FAQs.


If you have chosen Arbor Support, you can see how to get in contact with us here.

Change Management

You might have already thought about your approach to change management within your organisation. If you haven't don't worry! We will take you through this when we have your MAT discovery session. We also have this article to give you some guidance if you want to get ahead in terms of thinking about things such as your communication strategy.

MAT and Central Teams

We have lots of guidance for your central teams to familiarise yourself prior to launch on Arbor. We want to ensure you know exactly what to expect and what will happen when for you and your schools. You can access our templates to introduce the schools to Arbor. Or you may want to start considering your assessment/behaviour frameworks.

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