Withdrawn from Collective Worship or Sexual Relationship Education

If your school completes the Catholic or CES Census, you may need to note students who have withdrawn from CW or withdrawn from SRE.

You can do this in bulk or from their student profile. 

From the student profile

Go to the Background section of a student's profile. Click on the field, tick the box and save the changes.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 08.43.52.png


In bulk

Go to Students > All Students > Bulk Update > Bulk Update CES Details.

Top Tips:

  • This page will show all enrolled students by default, but you can select a year group using the drop-down.
  • You cannot bulk update students who have left from here - you will need to use their student profile.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 08.46.58.png


Click on a student to update their details.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 08.45.15.png


To update multiple students at once, tick the boxes next to the students, then click the Bulk action button.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 08.46.08.png


Set the status in the slide over, then click Save Changes.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 08.47.40.png

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