The Student Portal - Quick tips for students

Once you've logged in to the student portal, you can start to explore! Using the student portal you can:

  • See what events you have coming up
  • See which classes you're taking
  • View your attendance and behaviour stats
  • View Statements of entry, Exam timetables and Statements of results
  • View report cards your school has shared with you
  • See which homework assignments you've got coming up, and which are overdue
  • Submit completed assignments
  • View your assignment marks and comments 

Take a look at the video and the sections below for full instructions on how to use your Student Portal!


What's on the Arbor Dashboard?

When you log in, the first page you'll see is your Arbor Dashboard, from which you can access all of the areas of the Student Portal. 

Using the menu at the top you can access your items to access your calendar or your account, take a look at the sections below for further details. You can also sign out.



In the Calendar section, your last and next events are shown. You can also see all the events you've got coming up for today, as well as what room it will take place in.



On the main page, you can see your attendance, and how many behaviour points you've been awarded. You can also see your assignments - take a look at the section below for more details.



In the My Courses section, you can see all the classes you've been enrolled into. Top Tip: You can click the course to see more information, including when the last lesson is scheduled for.


Viewing examination information

If you go to My Items > My Exams you can see and download your Statements of entry, Exam timetables and Statements of results once your school has shared these with you.



You'll also see your scheduled exams in your calendar.



Viewing Report Cards

If you go to My Items > My Reports you can see and download any report cards from this year or previous years that your school has chosen to share with you.



Select the report card, then click the Download button.



The PDF will then download to your computer, where you can open it.



Resetting your password and seeing your calendar

If you go to My Items > My Account you can see your current username and password. Click to change the password you'll use when you next sign in.



To see a full calendar of your events go to My Items > My Calendar

To change the date, click on the Calendar icon to skip ahead and see what's coming up, or use the buttons to view today, this week or this month.

Top Tip: Over over an event for more details, or view the location by selecting the Day view.



For Wraparound care clubs, please note that the calendar event will span the whole session. Hover over the event to see the actual session times.

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 15.12.16.png



If you've got any homework (known as Assignments in Arbor), you'll see this on your Arbor Dashboard. Click the assignment to view more details.



All submission statuses will say 'Waiting for the student to submit' (whether you can submit through the Student Portal or only in person) until it is marked by your teacher.

You'll be able to see what class the assignment is for, as well as the due date and the task required. If the teacher has sent over any resources for you to use they will also show here for you to download.



To submit your completed assignment, click the box. Select the file then upload it.



Don't press Mark as Submitted until you've uploaded all your files, as you won't be able to go back and add more later!

To delete a file, just click the bin icon.



Once you've submitted your assignment, you'll see it says it is waiting for the teacher to mark it.



Once your teacher has marked your assignment, it will show on your Arbor Dashboard as marked.



You can click into the assignment to view your mark and any comments.




Having trouble using the Student Portal? Arbor is only able to work directly with schools, so if you're stuck please contact your school's office. Your school will be able to help you with the majority of questions you might have, and if not they will contact our support team for assistance. 

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  • Where do you report abscence?

  • Hi Brandon, thanks for your comment. If you're a student, it isn't possible to report absences through Arbor - you'll need to contact your school.


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