Guide to third-party API integrations - Primary Onboarding

Arbor can integrate with a number of popular school applications that you may use alongside your MIS, for example, CPOMS. We've put some information below to help you get these set up once your new Arbor MIS launches, and highlighted some things you may need to consider when changing the integration from your current MIS to Arbor.

Top Tip: Are you part of a Multi Academy Trust? If so, you may want to check with your MAT Lead if they will be managing the connection of 3rd party applications for you centrally.

How do I integrate my Partner Apps with Arbor?

Arbor partners with several other popular school applications that you may use alongside, for example, CPOMS.

Before your Arbor MIS launches, you’ll need to compile a list of all the other systems you currently use at your school in addition to your current MIS.

You should then review this list on our help centre to see how we integrate with your chosen applications.

Once you have reviewed the list above to see if we link with your partner apps, you get in touch with the application company directly to let them know you're moving to Arbor. They'll talk you through the next steps.

For more information on setting up and managing your partner apps, click here.

Please note:

To connect Arbor to any other systems, you will need to contact the app’s company directly before any integration can take place, regardless of whether the app integrates via the Arbor API or not. You will need to let the app company know when you will be moving to Arbor, but will not be able to set up the integration until your Arbor MIS launches.

Will the integration be the same as it was with my previous MIS?

It’s important to consider that there may be some changes in the way that Arbor integrates with other applications, compared with your previous MIS.

The level of information the partner app can pull from Arbor may differ compared to your previous MIS, so some processes may need review in your school. For example, meal balances in certain applications may not be updated as part of their integration with Arbor.

Another thing to consider is that we will only migrate data that is in your current MIS into your new Arbor MIS - any data in any other system will not migrate into Arbor. For example, if you decide to move away from an application that you currently use to manage payments, the account balances will need to be entered manually into Arbor and cannot be migrated from the partner app.

Things to be aware of when linking Arbor and other applications

On occasion, some applications will charge a fee to change the integration from your previous MIS to Arbor - this might be because they need to upgrade your software to a newer version for the integration to work.

You should also be aware that, although we recommend getting in touch with your apps companies as soon as possible to advise them of your Arbor launch date, you won’t be able to set up the integration between Arbor and any other systems until you have access to your Arbor MIS (on your launch date).

How do I approve integrations in Arbor?

Once you have been in touch with the apps company, and they have sent a request into your Arbor MIS, you will need to go to System > Partner Apps (API Users). This is where you'll be able to see any pending requests.

Click the row containing the app in question and you will be presented with a slide-over showing the permissions requested, shown by ticks.

If you are happy with the access the app is requesting, you can confirm the access of the app by clicking Approve. If you do not want an app to access the data, click Reject. If you would like to put off the decision, click Cancel.

Top tip:

You can download a list containing all the data the app is using or has requested to use. Helpful if parents are wondering what information about their child is available to partners!


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