Roles & Responsibilities - MAT & Central Team

MAT Team - Roles & Responsibilities

This guide is to help you understand the roles required to ensure a successful onboarding to Arbor, we'll also explain the roles we have at Arbor to support you throughout your entire journey with us! 

MAT Project Lead

Main point of contact for the project. Good knowledge of your MAT processes and workflows and ensuring the programme remains on track. Will be responsible for attending weekly status calls and alongside your Arbor Programme Manager, keeping everything on track. 

Executive Sponsor

Sets the high level vision, success criteria and evaluates with Arbor Programme Manager against shared success plans. Typically gets involved at key project milestones, such as performance reviews. 

MAT Arbor Champions

Areas of ownership across the MAT & subject expertise. Authority to make key decisions in specific areas is the Trust are aligning in, for example assessment or behaviour. May be involved at different stages of the programme. Please update any contact details in the ‘Roles & Responsibilities’ tab of your onboarding workbook.

Data & IT Support

Authority on data, has the ability to support schools throughout the programme with third parties and data migration. Level of involvement in school’s data transfer is dependent on the Trust’s approach to the programme. 

Main Contact for each school

We need one point of contact for each of your schools, this person will receive the ‘week by week’ onboarding guide and be invited to attend a Kick off call. Please update this information in the ‘Roles & Responsibilities’ tab your onboarding workbook.

Arbor Team - Roles & Responsibilities

You will be fully supported throughout your Journey with Arbor, will have in place the following roles to ensure you are successful each step of the way

MAT Programme Lead

Helping with the strategic plan, the rollout of Arbor at your schools.

Your Programme Lead will get in touch before we start working with your schools to ensure we have planned for a lined up approach and we have discussed your objectives as a MAT. Your Programme Manager will work closely with trust throughout your onboarding.

Account Manager

Supporting Arbor’s commercial relationship with your trust & schools, ensuring you are able to access the support and training needed for your continued success on Arbor. Your Account Manager will be your main point of contact after your onboarding has ended.

Our Support Team

Our experienced team are on hand to answer any of your queries and questions throughout your journey with Arbor. However you may have chosen a 3rd party support partner for this. If this is the case you will still have access to all our of guides and videos.


Your Programme manager is responsible for the overall roll out across your MAT. However each school will also be directly supported directly by either the Primary Onboarding team or one of our experienced Secondary Project Managers.

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