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For ease we have linked the support articles that MATs and Groups ask us about the most below.


Keeping on top of things is a struggle when everything’s in different places in different schools. Arbor brings it all together to give you a single overview of your schools, so nothing slips through the cracks. MAT MIS lets you work with any number of schools from one central location, so you can collaborate more easily and really understand how everyone’s getting on. Track performance from a distance, compare data across schools and give every school the tools they need to do their best work.

  • Get the big picture at a glance, in real-time - Dashboards let you compare attendance, staffing, assessments and performance across schools instantly, and in real-time.
  • One central MIS login - Sign in to your account in one place and securely log in to all the schools you work with, from one page.
  • Manage your staff data centrally - Create and maintain central staff records to help your team manage HR and analyse staff attendance.
  • Build custom reports painlessly - Build custom reports in minutes and share them automatically with stakeholders on a schedule. You can also link to third-party tools like PowerBI for new dashboards and more efficient reporting.
  • Understand the detail that’s making a difference - Drill down into measures, from an aggregated trust-level view, all the way down to an individual pupil.

Click here to access our help centre articles to get you started. If you have purchased MAT MIS training your Programme Manager will take you through our booking process.  

Managing 3rd Party Integrations/API Links

If you are managing the api links for the schools within your trust this article will guide you through this process. You Programme Manager will speak to you about this on you discovery session and you can use our 3rd party Audit on your implementation workbook to track this work.

Migration Help

We will speak to you on your discovery session about migration, how this will work, who will be responsible for what (e.g. you may have a support partner who will be completing the back ups for you, your IT team might be completing this task or school might be responsible for sending their own back ups. Whichever option suits you best we can support you with this. Click here for the full guidance on this area.


Your Programme Manager will run through all of the services and training you have purchased as part of your initial contract. We can give advice on the best time to run training, how schools/you can book this and discuss other areas you wish to roll out such as assessments/behaviour. We can keep track of all of your training in your implementation workbook and your programme Manager will go through this on your Kick off Call.

Click here to access our support article on training.

Guide for getting started for Admin/Teachers/Attendance Officer

Click here for all of our day one 'how to guides'

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