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We have gathered our most frequently asked questions to enable you to work thorough common issues or questions you may have.

Is Arbor GDPR Compliant?

Yes absolutely! Access our full GDPR FAQs

Can we import our historic assessment marks?

Once you have your assessment framework setup in Arbor you can use our import spreadsheets to upload historic marks into Arbor. Full guide on Arbor assessments.

Does Arbor offer single sign on?

Yes. Single Sign-on is a secure authentication system that reduces the burden of login for your user because they can sign into Arbor using their Google or Microsoft school account. We strongly recommend also using two-factor authentication with SSO but this is not a requirement. Click here to access the full guide.

Can we see Arbor's roadmap and feed into this in anyway?  

Yes, at Arbor, we’re always looking for new ways to help schools work better. When we develop new features in our MIS, we design them to be intuitive, and to help school staff work faster and collaborate more at all levels. Click here to access our full guide to take you through the details of how to:

  • Access our roadmap
  • How we prioritise new features
  • The different ways you can feedback to us.
How long do our schools need to dedicate to data checking? 

This full article will take you through the full recommended checks that we suggest before moving to Arbor, also the approximate time your schools should dedicate to data checking both pre-go live & post go live. 

What are your recommendations on business continuity if Arbor is inaccessible?

This full article will provide you with all of our recommendations to ensure you can access all your key information should Arbor/the internet be inaccessible for any reason.

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