How do we migrate telephone and mobile numbers?

What is migrated?

Phone numbers:

  • We migrate all phone numbers for students, staff and guardians from SIMS, Bromcom, Progresso, CMIS and ScholarPack.
  • We only migrate phone numbers for students and guardians from Integris.


  • We migrate External Agency Telephone numbers from SIMS.
  • We migrate Medical Institution Telephone numbers from Bromcom.

Formatting of numbers

Numbers with area codes (for example +44) at the start are still migrated and are stored as international codes.

Numbers are still migrated if they have spaces (for example 07751 91 91 91). The spaces will be removed when migrated into Arbor.

Contact priority

If the number is the Main number in SIMS, this will be ranked as contact priority 1 in Arbor.

These numbers will then become the student's Emergency Contact numbers, which you can see on the right-hand side of their student profile.

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