How do we migrate parental consents?

We migrate consents as long as they have been stored in the specific consents area for your previous MIS (such as in Parental Consents in SIMS, or Permissions in ScholarPack). We won't migrate consents into the consents area in Arbor if they've been stored somewhere else, such as in notes.

  • For consents that map to one of our Arbor consent types, we migrate consents for SIMS, Bromcom, ScholarPack, Integris, Progresso and CMIS.
  • For user-defined consents that don't map to one of our Arbor consent types, we only migrate these from SIMS, Bromcom and ScholarPack.
  • We don't migrate the 'Walk Home Alone' flag in SIMs.

Please note that we do not migrate any notes or documents attached to consents.

If you need to add, check or update consents, you can see how to do this here: Managing Parental and Trip Consents

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