How do we migrate Applicants and Admissions?

We migrate certain applicant and admission details, depending on your previous MIS provider:

  • We migrate applicants from SIMS, Integris and CMIS
  • We migrate SEN details for these applicants from SIMS and Integris
  • We migrate medical conditions for these applicants from SIMS and CMIS
  • We migrate intake seasons for these applicants from SIMS and CMIS
  • We also migrate intake groups for CMIS

Applicant statuses and enrolments

Whether the application migrates depends on if the students have been enrolled:

  • students who have been enrolled as current active students in SIMS will be migrated as students, and their their application details will not be migrated. They will not show in the Applicants area of Arbor.
  • we only migrate applications for students who have not been enrolled as current students from SIMS.

For applicants that have been migrated:

  • the status of their application will be set to Newly Created and won't show details of any offers. You'll need to work through the process to mark them as Offer Accepted, then add their Year Group and Registration form: Managing Applicants and Admissions
  • future enrolments into classes for students who haven't started at your school yet (such as the lessons they'll be in) won't migrate alongside the application. You'll need to add these future enrolments in: Bulk enrol students into lesson registers

How do we find the intake season?

If we don't migrate intake season details from your previous MIS, the most recent intake season won't show at the top of the list in Students > All Students > Applicants. However, you will be able to find it (and your applicants) by scrolling down to the very bottom of the list. To make it show at the top of the list, you can click into it and assign it to an academic year. 

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