How a teacher can take the register

In this article we'll show you how to:

You can also see how to do this in our quick Intro to the Lesson Dashboard video.

Please note: We advise you not to display the register on your SmartBoard as any comments or pastoral notes contained within the register will be visible to all class students.


Finding the register

On your home screen, you will see a box on the left-hand side called My Calendar as seen below.



You can also go to My items > My Calendar.

From here, click on the class which you'd like to take the register for, which will lead you to the lesson overview. 



From the lesson overview, you can select the Take register option, which will open your class register!

Or you can go to My Items > My Classes and select your next lesson from here.



Note: If you are taking a class for another teacher, use the search box to find the teacher, then click their calendar on the left and select the class.

Taking the register

The display can be switched to List view or Profile view by clicking on the respective button:

  • To take attendance in list view, simply click on the drop-down list next to each student name and select the appropriate mark.
  • To take attendance in profile view, simply click on the appropriate mark. 

You can also choose to skip to the next student by clicking on Skip.



On the right-hand side you can see either the student's past attendance for today or for the week, depending on what your school has set up. 



To add a mark, click Absent, Late or Present.



If you mark a student as Absent you'll see a pop up where you can select the absent mark. If your school has chosen to restrict the available attendance marks, you'll only be able to select between N or a pre-filled planned absence code.



If you mark a student as late, you can input how late the student was.



The quickest way to enter marks for your present students is to click the Mark All Blanks as Present button, either at the top of the page (if all students are present) or at the bottom once just the absences and lates are entered.

To return to the lesson overview click on Return To Lesson Dashboard.



Taking the meal register

Once you've taken attendance for your class, you can take the Meal register to decide which meal each student should be given. If you've set up meals in Arbor and added attendees, you'll be able to take the meal register for your class for any AM session.

Just go to the Lesson Dashboard and select Meal Choices from the left-hand menu.

You can either tick the students to mark and select a bulk mark option, or click into a Meal Choice to edit it.

  • If you have set up an Absent meal provision, students marked absent in the attendance register will be marked as Absent here.
  • If the student has an active Meal Choice, students marked present will be assigned this meal choice.


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