Centralise your data in Arbor’s Custom Data Warehouse

The Custom Data Warehouse is your own bespoke Snowflake warehouse managed by Arbor, which enables reporting on data from all your sources in one place. This is offered in partnership with Snowflake and AWS, and is part of the Powered by Snowflake programme.

Please note, our Custom Data Warehouse comes with a fair use policy.

How to set up the Custom Data Warehouse

Step 1 - Purchase the connector

The Custom Data Warehouse is available as part of our Enterprise package for MATs. It is not possible to be purchased as a standalone feature, and is not available for schools.

To discuss your upgrade options, get in contact at accountmanagers@arbor-education.com

Step 2 - Familiarise yourself with core concepts

Before getting started with the Custom Data Warehouse, we recommend taking a look at these resources. Please note that these resources are not managed by Arbor.

Snowflake also offer custom training. Please reach out to Snowflake directly for further details.

Step 3 - Get access to your Custom Data Warehouse

Once you've purchased the feature and are ready to use it:

  1. Get in contact with your Account Manager to let them know you'd like to start using the Custom Data Warehouse.
  2. They will send over a form to complete to assess your current skill level, and approve the setup.
  3. Our team will then set up your Custom Data Warehouse for you.
  4. You will then be sent an invitation from your Account manager to join a demo session with the Product Manager for the Custom Data Warehouse. In this session you will also agree which notification you want to be sent and to whom regarding Credit Monitoring.
  5. Once this session is completed, you will be sent your login credentials to access your Custom Data Warehouse.

Step 4 (Optional) - Set up other users

If you have the custom_warehouse_admin role, you can use the create_user function to create credentials for other users. When doing so you can give them one of these roles:

  • DATA_READER - Read access to data, use of Default Warehouse (COMPUTE_WH)
  • DATA_WRITER - As above, plus write access and ability to create databases
  • CUSTOM_WAREHOUSE_ADMIN - User creation and resource monitor, as above plus access to resource monitoring, and the ability to monitor and operate on the default warehouse


Top Tip: The user credentials will be returned onscreen to the person who has called the function. The user will be prompted to change their password when they login.

Step 5 - Using the Custom Data Warehouse

You can now use the Custom Data Warehouse!

You can use the Show Resource Monitors feature to monitor your credit usage. Our fair usage policy is 1200 Snowflake Credits per Year. This corresponds to 5 hours of query execution time per day, for 20 days per month. 

Depending on your setup, you will also receive automatic reminders when you:

  • reach 80% of the daily limit
  • reach the daily limit of 5 credits to notify you that you are blocked from further queries today
  • reach 50% of your monthly limit
  • reach 80% of your monthly limit
  • have a 2 Hour query timeout

How to get support

  • For questions about using a data warehouse, contact Snowflake.
  • If you have any issues with data from Arbor, contact the Arbor Support Team if supported by Arbor, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor.

You can also post in the Arbor HQ for support from other Schools and MATs: Data and BI on Arbor HQ

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