Arbor’s BI Connector

Our BI Connector automatically syncs your Arbor data into your BI tool of choice through our Snowflake data warehouse, so you can customise and visualise it however you need to. Please note, our Connector comes with a fair use policy.

  • Ready to go - Your key Arbor data is pre-loaded into your BI tool, which means no need for a manual export.
  • Templates to get you started - Template dashboards giving you the key information you need to dig deeper into questions about your performance.
  • More customisation - Bring your Arbor data to life with powerful visualisations, and pull in any other data you want to build the insights you need.

The Connector is designed for experienced BI users, so make sure you’re confident using your BI tool first.

Top Tip: You can add any feedback about this feature here: BI Connector Improvements

What data is included in the connector?

Take a look over on our Arbor HQ for further templates and tips shared by other users: Data and BI on Arbor HQ

Version 1 - Old connector

One template including 5 dashboards:

  • School/trust dashboard with an overview of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Attendance
  • Assessment
  • Behaviour
  • Demographics

You can see a full list of what data is available here: BI Connector Version 1 Datasets

Version 2 - New connector

A template that gives you 2 ready-made dashboards:

  • Overview metrics, including:
    • Attendance
    • Attainment
    • Clubs 
    • Student Groups
    • Behaviour
  • Attendance

You can see a full list of what data is available here: BI Connector Version 2 Datasets

metrics template.png

attendance template.png


Do we need to move to the new version?

It is no longer possible to purchase version 1 of the connector. If you previously purchased version 1, you will have access to version 2.

You will need to update to the new data source before 31st October 2024 as we will cease support for version 1 at the end of this academic year.

How to switch over

You will need to change the data source for your dashboards from POWER_BI_PRODUCTION to ARBOR_BI_CONNECTOR_PRODUCTION. Be sure to revise any measures and calculated columns in your reports to align with the new view and column names - you can use the table below to translate between the old and new datasets.

  1. Open the Power BI Transform Data page
  2. Go to the table you want to change.
  3. In the Navigation step (on the right), click the settings cog button.
  4. Change the table to the new one under ARBOR_BI_CONNECTOR_PRODUCTION

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 10.16.28.pngScreenshot 2024-02-23 at 10.16.52.png

Translated Names

Most views used the old field name of person_unique_id

The new field name used is either student_unique_id or staff_unique_id depending on the type of data.

Translated View Names

Old View Name New View name



How to set up the Connector

Step 1 - Purchase the connector

  • Schools - Both our old and new Connectors can be purchased as a standalone feature and aren't included by default in our packages.
  • MATs - While our old Connector could be purchased as a standalone feature, the new connector is part of our Plus package. If you are currently using our old connector while not on the Plus package, we'll give you access to the new connector until your next renewal date.

To discuss your upgrade options, get in contact at

Step 2 - Set up the connector

Once you've purchased the feature and we've sent over your credentials (including server name and warehouse) via email, you can set up the connector.

Included below are instructions for the two most common BI tools used, Microsoft Power BI and Google Looker Studio. A similar process applies when setting up with other BI tools, such as Tableau.

With Microsoft Power BI

This video shows how to add in your credentials and connect your data to Microsoft Power BI.

Please note that it refers to version 1, which bases data on the old database (POWER_BI_PRODUCTION). You will need to use ARBOR_BI_CONNECTOR_PRODUCTION instead for version 2.

With Google Looker Studio

Follow these steps to set up the BI Connector with Google Looker Studio:

  1. Click the Add Data button in the Google Looker Studio Taskbar
  2. Select Snowflake from Partner Connectors.
  3. Enter your Snowflake Account URL that was sent to you by us.
  4. Enter these details:
    • Choose Role - add your username
    • Choose Warehouse - POWER_BI_GENERAL
    • Enter SQL Query - Select the data from the table you want to bring in.

Please note that there is a 1 million row limit when using the BI Connector with Google Looker Studio that cannot be exceeded.



Step 3 (optional) - Set up Attainment 8 and EBacc assessment analysis 

Our Key Stage 4 summative assessment analysis takes the hard part out of analysing your data. It includes the data drop by data drop calculation Attainment 8 and EBacc scores, and 'eligibility' flags (whether the student’s spread of assessments makes them eligible for EBacc).

How to set up your assessment analysis

To be able to use assessment in your analysis, make sure the assessments have been set up using Arbor's out-of-the-box Progress 8 assessments, with one of the out-of-the-box grade sets. Other assessments set up or set up with custom grade sets cannot be used. If you modify the out-of-the-box grade sets, your results may be skewed. You can see how to set up assessments here: Setting up and analysing Progress 8 Assessments

Check you've set these up correctly by going to Students > Assessments > Annual Policy > Manage Assessments. You can see whether it's a Progress 8 assessment here, and click on it for more information.



You can see some example screenshots of how it will look below.



Step 4 (optional) - Arbor Templates

Please download the templates by clicking on this link. This is a set of two dashboard to get you started in understanding how to use the BI Connector.


Help with the Connector

Here are some things to check when having issues with the connector:

  • Different data items are synced on difference schedules. You can set your own refresh schedule within your BI tool.
  • If you have connection issues (such as an 'Unable to connect' error in Power BI), contact your IT manager to request that they update your firewall to allow to access your Snowflake URL.
  • Check whether you have enough memory on your computer to use your BI tool (suggested 16 GB of RAM) - you can check the amount of memory free in your hard drive for an indication.

How to get support

If you have any issues with the Arbor side of the Connector (e.g. not all your Arbor data is synced), please contact the Arbor Support Team if supported by Arbor, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor.

You can also post in the Arbor HQ for support from other Schools and MATs using the BI Connector: Data and BI on Arbor HQ

If you have any queries about how your BI tool works, please contact them. For example, the Microsoft Power BI Community.

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