Error 3130 - Missing 30 hours eligibility code

If you have 3 or 4-year-olds attending your school, you may need to provide information in the form of a 30-hour code that notifies the system that student is eligible for extended hours.

You may encounter this message in your Census, in the Arbor Validations section:



It will also appear in the DfE validations section as error 3130:



For students that are entitled to extended hours, click the error in the Arbor Validations section and update the slide over with the code.



For students that are not entitled to extended hours and have no Thirty hour code, click the error in the Arbor Validations section.



In this case, Arbor is unable to distinguish between a number entered in the Extended hours field (e.g. 15:00) and zero (e.g. 00:00). To remove the error, delete all text in the Extended hours field and click Save Changes.



You can also update this field on the student profile in the Other section. 




Please note that with all errors and queries, you must regenerate your census for them to disappear from your Census overview.


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