Error 1635 and 1637

Where the learner has not achieved grade 'A*'-'C' / '9'-'4' in GCSE the stage that the learner achieved this must not be equal to '1' or '2'.

Please check the Prior Attainment recorded for the student.

Here is an example where the student has been recorded with:

  • Grade - 3
  • Achievement - Learner has GCSE English Language (at grade A*-C/9-4) - achieved since the end of year 11
  • Funding exemption - Learner has met the GCSE condition of funding as they hold an approved equivalent UK qualification
  • Grade at last census - 3

In this example, the combination is incorrect because:

  • If the student only achieved a grade 3, then they shouldn’t have the achievement of “Achieved 9-4”.
  • If the student did achieve a grade of 9-4, you will need to update the latest GCSE prior attainment grade value.
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