Introduction to the Custom Report Writer

The Custom report Writer, accessible from School > Custom Report Writer, lets you create reports compiling any data points that exist in Arbor (depending on your permissions). Use your reports to identify areas of improvement or success in your school.

Analyse data from a variety of date ranges, or filter your report to only include certain users.

Once your report is created, you can easily share them with the right people in a variety of ways.

For example, the Custom Report Writer can help to: 

  • Create a termly report of students with 100% attendance
  • Analyse standardised and summative assessment marks to track overall progress
  • Identify missing staff information that needs to be updated

For more information on custom reports, visit our Help Centre areas:

The Custom Report Writer can also help you create the reports you need to integrate your Arbor data with 3rd party applications. Take a look at our articles here for full instructions.

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