Adding or editing layouts in My Classroom

When you first open My Classroom for your lesson, if no one else in your school has created a room layout for the classroom that you are teaching in, you will be asked to create a room layout. Room layouts can be used by anyone who teaches a lesson in the same room as your class.

The classroom layout page allows you to set up the layout of the seats in your classroom. You can set up more than one layout, allowing you to change the seating arrangements in your class. This is particularly useful if you change your classroom layout throughout the lesson.



I can't add a layout. What do I need to do?

If the lesson does not have a location, the My Classroom button will be unclickable so teachers won’t be able to use My Classroom for that lesson.

Layouts are saved against the room/location, so it will only be possible to set up a layout if a room/location has been added to the timetable slot of the lesson.

Makesure all classes have been allocated a room using the School > Timetable > Timetable Administration > Timetable Slots page. If you need to allocate a lesson to a room, follow these instructions.


Who can make changes to a layout?

Layouts are available for other staff members to use if they teach in the same room.

Only these people can make changes to the layout:

  • The creator of a layout
  • Someone with the Classroom Management: Administer All Room Layouts permission

This is to prevent others from making changes to the creator’s layout. To edit someone else’s layout, you’ll need to be given permission, or make a copy of the layout you want to use.



Can I flip the seating plan perspective?

To flip the seating plan in Student view, so students will see the seating plan from the other perspective, you can add a new layout and seating plan that has the mirror flipped perspective and then quickly switch via the drop-downs to switch layout and seating plan.

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