I can't add or edit a My Classroom layout

The classroom layout page allows you to set up the layout of the seats in your classroom. 

I can't add a layout. What do I need to do?

If the lesson does not have a location, the My Classroom button will be unclickable so teachers won’t be able to use My Classroom for that lesson.

Layouts are saved against the room/location, so it will only be possible to set up a layout if a room/location has been added to the timetable slot of the lesson.

Make sure all classes have been allocated a room using the School > Timetable > Timetable Administration > Timetable Slots page. If you need to allocate a lesson to a room, follow these instructions.

Who can make changes to a layout?

Room layouts can be used by anyone who teaches a lesson in the same room as your class.

Only these people can make changes to the layout:

  • The creator of a layout
  • Someone with the Classroom Management: Administer All Room Layouts permission

This is to prevent others from making changes to the creator’s layout. To edit someone else’s layout, you’ll need to be given permission, or make a copy of the layout you want to use.

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