Pre Migration Data Check Guide

Completing a data cleanse in your current MIS ahead of your move to Arbor is one of the most important actions a school can take to ensure the migration goes as smoothly as possible.

To help you with the data cleanse, Arbor has created a workbook that includes two checklists. These checklists are “Pre Migration Data Cleanse” & “Pre Migration Data Counts & Checks”.

You can download the workbook from the bottom of this page.

We have popped an explanation of how to complete both checklists below.

Pre-migration data cleanse
Once you have downloaded the workbook, the first thing you need to do is start the pre-migration data cleanse checklist.

Completing the cleanse will help you to understand the quality of your data before you send it to Arbor. It will also help to make sure the data is up to date, formatted correctly, and in the right place in your current MIS - which increases the chances of the data migrating correctly to your new Arbor MIS and minimises the need to tidy up post-launch, so you can get to work on the important tasks in your new MIS! 

You should start completing the data cleanse as soon as possible and complete these before you send us the data from your current MIS on your agreed migration date.

We have provided more information in the checklist on what to look for in your current MIS and why it is important, this column is labeled "Why do I need to complete this check?". Once you have checked this area, you should mark the “Check Complete” column as "Checked".

There may be reports that you can run in your current MIS that will help you to check and update information.



Pre-migration data checks & counts 

It is imported to complete the data counts and checks before your Arbor MIS launches, to take a snapshot of the data that you held in your current MIS, which you can then compare to Arbor once your new MIS launches.

Work through the checklist provided in the workbook before sending Arbor your data, completing the “Current MIS” column with the figures required.

Once you have access to Arbor, you’ll be able to complete the “verified in Arbor” column and are looking for the numbers that match between both systems. You can also use our Data Migration Report in Arbor to check the numbers match.


Important information

You should verify the data in Arbor as soon as possible after launch to ensure the data has migrated across correctly. To help, you can download a data migration report from your Arbor MIS. Click here for more information.



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  • Hi Kate,


    Could you please advise which reports on SiMs need to be run for the data cleanse, as the spreadsheet is not very clear?


  • Hi Sheila,

    Unfortunately, we can't advise on reports for other MIS systems, but there may be reports that you can run to identify any duplicate profiles for example, or to show different demographics. It may be worth contact your current SIMS support to see if they can help.

  • Hi Kate,

    Could you clarify - is it only "On Roll" data that will be transferred over or will it also include historical.  

    There are times when we are required to look back at children that have left the school.

    Many thanks

  • Hi Donna,

    All historical data will be transferred across in the migration as well :)


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