Primary Onboarding - Roles & Responsibilities

This guide is to help you understand the different roles and responsibilities here at Arbor, to ensure your onboarding journey is a success. 

Arbor Roles & Responsibilities

Arbor Onboarding Team 

Your Arbor Onboarding Team will be available via email to support and guide you through your implementation onto Arbor. You can reach out to them by clicking Contact Us in the top right of the Help Centre and selecting Onboarding, migration and moving to Arbor.

They hold group kick-off calls with schools starting their Arbor onboarding journey, designed to help you understand your onboarding journey in more detail. The call will give you information on how your school team can use our onboarding resources to support you along the way. 

Arbor Account Manager

Your Account Manager holds a commercial relationship with your school and will pick up from the Arbor Onboarding Team after your 8-week onboarding journey. You might not see them much during your 8-week onboarding journey, but they are responsible for the following:

  • Ongoing contact once your onboarding is complete. 
  • Looks after your commercial relationship and can help you with any questions relating to your contract. 
  • Help you when you need to purchase or book additional training or services. 
  • After your implementation, they will check in with you termly to ensure that you continue to be successful on Arbor. 
  • Keeps you up to date with any new developments/Arbor Events and news.

School Roles and Responsibilities

Moving your whole school to a new MIS is a large undertaking with lots of moving parts so you want to ensure that you have the right people in place across the organisation to help you with this change. You should look to have the below roles in place throughout your implementation:

School Project Leads

Your school should appoint Project Leads and their responsibilities will include:

  • Helping the team across the school to drive success.
  • Coordinating and communicating the training plan and ensuring that the correct staff are trained on Arbor. 
  • Managing the end-to-end migration of your school’s data and ensuring the data has been checked before launch.
  • Reporting back on the status of your implementation to the wider school team.
  • Help ‘champion’ the benefits of Arbor across the teams.
  • Identify and control any resistance to change across the school.
  • They will become Arbor experts in the school. They will be able to support their wider team with any ‘how do I’ type questions.

The Project Lead should be someone who has a good knowledge of the school’s processes, workflows, and people and someone who is a great communicator.

Data & IT Support

This will be someone who will be familiar with all the IT systems across the school. Their responsibilities will include:

  • Producing the data migration backups and sending them to Arbor.
  • Contact any third-party applications that you wish to continue using on Arbor and notify them of the change.
  • Ensuring that any third-party applications are set up on Arbor for launch.
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