Why are my in-house exams showing as a potential clash?

Using in-house exams, if the exams are scheduled for different times, but you set up multiple exam instances for different in-house exams with the same date and time range, they will flag as a clash.

Once you've seated students for the first exam, you won't be able to seat students in the same seats for the second exam, because the system thinks these seats are still being used by students in the first exam.

You are only able to set up an instance for a period of time so students can sit the exams on different days if they are all doing the same exam.

To resolve this, change the times of the instances. You'll need to:

  1. Withdraw the students
  2. Amend the exam instance times
  3. Re-add the students

You may receive a message that there is a clash when allocating rooms to an exam (Step 4 of this article on creating in-house exams).

This happens if the in house exam instance starts at the same day and time that the candidate is scheduled in an exam sitting for any other exam. Any candidate who is entered into both an instance and a sitting that starts at the same time will show as having a 'Potential Clash' in the Clash Status column. 

You can ignore the message and allocate rooms in the normal way.

Alternatively, in order to prevent the 'Potential clash' indicator from appearing when setting up in-house exams, you can set the in-house exam instances to start on a day when there will be no exam sittings, such as setting the instance to start a day before.

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