Custom Report Writer Templates

Looking for some templates you can use in Custom Report Writer? You've come to the right place! You can also edit the templates below to add more column or change the date ranges.

How do I upload a template?

Go to School > Custom Report Writer. Click the Create New Report button.



Select the button at the bottom of the page to Import a Report.



Click Browse to select the template file from your computer, then click Upload.



What does each template report show?

Weekly Attendance

If you run an attendance report of the past week on a Friday, grouped by Year, you can use our Weekly Attendance Report by Year Template.



Termly 100% Attendance

If you run a termly report to find students with 100% attendance this term, you can use our Termly 100% Attendance Report Template.



Low Annual Attendance

A persistently absent child is one who misses school 10% or more of the time. If you'd like to see a list of all your students who have had 10% or more percentage absences this year, you can use our Less than 90% Attendance Report Template.



Dietary Requirements

If you want to run a report of all your current students with Dietary requirements, use our Dietary Requirements Report Template.



Guardian Contact Details

If you want to see more Primary Guardian contact details than the report in Parents > Students & Guardians > Bulk Update > Guardian Contact Details shows, use our Primary Guardians Contact Details Report Template.



Staff Leavers

If you want to see which staff members will be leaving your school this year (as long as they have had an end date entered), use our Staff Leavers This Year Report Template.



4Matrix Export

4Matrix can be used to analyse assessment progress made at key stages 3, 4 and 5. For more information on 4Matrix, take a look at their website.  To export information about all of your students' enrolments to send to 4Matrix, use our 4Matrix Enrolments export Report Template.


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