Query 5240Q

Please check: The number of hours at setting indicates that the pupil may be attending the school full time. However, they have been recorded as part-time.

This query will appear if a student has over 25 Hours at Setting on recorded on their student profile, but is flagged as a part-time student on the census. The DfE would not expect a student attending over 25 hours a week to be flagged as part-time, as they would expect a student attending for 25 hours a week to be attending 10 overall sessions.

If the student does attend for over 25 hours a week but is not attending 10 sessions per week, then it is correct to mark them as part-time, but query 5240Q will not be possible to clear. In this situation you can enter the following validation note on COLLECT: 'though the pupil attends school for 25 hours or more, they do not attend the school for 10 sessions a week'.

To check whether a student is flagged as part-time on the census:

  1. Head to your census return (School > Export > Data Returns) and once you've opened your latest generated census, click Part-Time Students on the left-hand side.
  2. Check whether the specific student is set as a Part-Time Student = Yes in the list, and use the tickbox and bulk action to alter this if it is incorrect.
  3. If the student's status is Set Automatically, you'll need to head to the Enrolment section on their profile page, and check if they are set to have an Attendance Pattern of either Morning Only or Afternoon Only - these will also flag the student as being part-time on the census. If you need to keep the Attendance Pattern in place but the student needs to be set as Full Time, this is fine - just head back to the Part-Time Students page in the census and use the tickbox and bulk actions to Set as NOT Part-Time Student.

If you need to make any changes to the student's Hours at setting, please follow this guidanceHours at setting, funded hours, extended hours and 30 hour codes

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