Readiness for Go-Live Checklist - New MIS Setup

Please note

This guide is for schools that are moving to Arbor and don't currently have an MIS or new school schools that are opening soon.

It’s nearly time to start taking attendance in Arbor! We’ve put together a readiness-for-go-live to help you. Once you’ve completed all these tasks you’ll be ready to launch Arbor at your school. 

1. Complete all necessary site setup  

By the end of week 4 the relevant staff members should have watched all site setup training videos and you should have entered all the following information into Arbor: 

  • Year Groups and Registration Forms
  • Term Dates and Holidays
  • Students
  • Guardians
  • Staff

You can track your progress in the Set Up Training & Overview tab of your implementation workbook


2. Make sure users have the correct Business Roles and permissions 

You will need to assign each member of staff a Business Role to allow them to log into Arbor. Business Roles determine the level of access staff have in Arbor, and each role is made up of different Permissions. Without a business role, you do not have permission to access anything on Arbor. To add in a Business Role, navigate to the staff profile, and down to the Current Business Roles table, and click the +add button.

Top Tip!

To see a list of all business roles and the permissions associated with them go to School > Users and Security then click on the orange Download button.

3. Ensure all staff have their work email address set as their 'default' email address to make sure they can get logged in

In Arbor, the default email address is the one used to log in. We recommend that staff use their work email address to log into Arbor.

4. Share your URL with your wider team 

Once you are happy that staff have the correct Business Role and default email address you can share your Arbor URL with them so they can get logged in. 

  • Their username will be their default email address (which should be their work email) - and they will set their own password. 
  • If staff have any problems logging in, use our troubleshooting guide to identify the issue. 

5. Approve your Third-Party Applications

You should have already notified any third-party systems of your move to Arbor. Now that you're live, you'll be able to approve and test these connections.

To manage API connections on your Arbor site, you'll need the School: User Accounts: Administer permission.

Approve your integrations

To set up a new API connection, please follow the steps for approving a third-party connection here.

If you don't see the app you're expecting listed in your pending requests, it means they haven't yet asked for access to your Arbor site. You should contact them directly and ask them to do so.

Check connected data

It's really important to check that the data pulling through to your third-party systems is correct and accurate. This is especially important if you're using a third party to send any communications to guardians or external agencies. 

6. Confirm that your registers are available for day one 

Check that your registers are available for day one by going to Students > Attendance > Registers By Date then change the date to the first day you plan to take attendance, this will show you all the registers scheduled for that day. 

7. Make sure teachers know how to take a register on day 1 

Share this guide with teachers ahead of your first day taking attendance so they know how to take a register in Arbor.

8. Set Up any Priority Operations (e.g. Behaviour, Communications etc) 

Arbor has several areas of functionality that require some customisation before you can start using them e.g. Behaviour, Parent Portal. If you are planning to use any of these areas take a look at the setup guides in the Help Centre to guide you through the process. 

You are now ready to start taking attendance in Arbor! 

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