SWF Census - Query 6550Q

Query 6550Q

At least one staff record in this school return should show a role of SENCO


The DFE requires that at least the school has one staff member working as a SENCO.

If you do have a SENCO working at the school all you have to do is add the position on their profile. 

Go to the Staff profile and select 'Contracts'.

Click 'Add new contract'


In the 'Staff Contract Details' section, add the position as SENCO.


However, if your school doesn’t have a SENCO you can still submit the census as this is only a query. You will need to provide an explanation to support this when submitting your census.


To add the position of SEN-Co to a staff member if they already occupy a separate position (such as a teacher), you will need to add a new contract to the staff member. The SENCo contract should be a separate contract.

Salary and hours breakdown between the two positions is decided by the school.


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