Set up your SENCo for the Workforce Census

Information on your SENCo is required for the workforce census.

  • If you have an assigned SENCo at your school, follow the instructions below.
  • If you do not have a SENCo at your school, you'll need to add an explanatory note when submitting your census. You will not be able to resolve Query 6550Q.

Step 1 - Resolve duplicates

First, check for duplicate staff from the Data Quality Dashboard and merge them (or delete a duplicate from the Admin section at the bottom of the duplicate’s staff profile): Resolve duplicates or delete staff profiles


Step 2 - Check your SENCo is set up

Check you’ve added your SENCo’s staff profile to your Arbor site: Adding a New Staff Member and creating a new staff profile


Step 3 - Make sure you've added their position

Add the SENCo position in School > All Staff > HR Admin > Positions: Setting Positions, Position Categories and Census Business Roles for the Workforce Census

Be sure to set the:

  • Position Category as Classroom Teacher
  • Census Business Role as SEN Co-ordinator



Step 4 - Record their SENCo contract

Add the staff member’s SENCo contract to their staff profile. If they already have a separate position (such as a teacher), they’ll need two contracts.



You’ll need to decide what to put as the salary breakdown between the two positions, but the contracts should add up to the equivalent of one full-time member of staff: Managing Staff Contracts

This will also apply to the salary - you should split the salary between the two contracts.

SENCo contract:



Other contract:



Step 5 - Add their qualifications

You need to log that the SENCO has a NASENCO qualification unless they had been in that role for at least a year before September 2009. This will clear Query 6260Q.

Click +Add in the Qualifications & Checks section of their staff profile to add the NASENCO qualification.




The Qualification type should be Masters Degree or Any other qualification at NQF level 4 or equivalent if taken as a stand-alone qualification.

Select the qualification by typing Z201 in the First Subject box to select it. Then click Create to add the qualification to their profile.


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