Ethnicity and Ethnicity source errors - Error 1630

You might get errors such as Error 1630 in your census if you've not recorded an Ethnicity for a student - Pupil's ethnicity is missing or invalid.


You might also get this Arbor error if the system is unable to assume that the Ethnicity has been provided by the child or their guardian.

This error usually appears if no ethnicity has been specified, as the system can't assume an ethnicity source, but it can also appear if you've got a student with an invalid ethnicity source.



Resolving errors for multiple students

The quickest way to fix these errors for more than one student is to use the bulk edit page. You can see how to use this page here: Bulk Updating Ethnicity and Ethnicity Source

  1. Fill in any missing ethnicities for students
  2. Once you've regenerated your census, your missing ethnicity source Arbor error will also be resolved, as the system will assume it has come from the guardian (C) or the student (P).
  3. If the student has an ethnicity assigned but you're still getting an error, change the ethnicity source. 

Resolving errors for one student

To resolve the Arbor error, you can click it and update the information in the slide over. 

You can also add this information from a student's profile following these instructions.


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