Importing a Custom Report Writer template or exporting a template to send to another school

Importing a report

If another Arbor school has shared a custom template with you or you want to import a template we've sent to you, then you can do this quickly and easily from the Custom Report Writer page in your Arbor. 

You'll first need to download the template and save it to your computer. Please note that you won't be able to open the report like you would an Excel document, for example, so once you've saved it to your computer you'll need to head to School>Custom Report Writer

Next, click the Create New Report button.



You'll then see 3 options for creating a new report. Select the button at the bottom of the page to Import a Report. 



 Next, click Browse to select the template file from your computer, then click Upload. You will then be able to see your report saved to your Arbor. 



Exporting a report

Select the report on the All Reports page and go to Export from the Left-hand menu. Click the green button to download the template.

You can then email this report externally to anyone who also uses Arbor who needs to create the same report.


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