Live Feed won't load, is broken or not working

There are a few reasons why your Live Feed might not be working.


You'll need the School: General Admin: Administer permission to create or delete live feeds.

If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.

Large dataset

If you've created a Live Feed from a Custom Report with a large amount of data, it may not work.

Because the data needs to have loaded in your Custom Report before it can be pulled through to the Live Feed, you'll need to edit your report to be smaller. 

Follow the instructions in Step 2 here: Edit the report content

Once you've made a smaller report, you'll be able to create your Live Feed from this data using the Download button. Follow this guide on Using Live Feeds to see how to set this up. You'll need to do this for each report copy to bring in all of your data into your Live Feed.

Sheet Names

Certain sheet names in Google Sheets can be mistaken for a range, and will cause the live feed to not refresh:

  • Sheet names such as '1:GwynsSheet' will cause the sheet to not work due to a colon.
  • Sheet names such as 'Gwyns Sheet' will cause the sheet to not work due to a space.
  • Sheet names such as GMSheet will work.

Another reason why the live feeds may stop working is because the sheet has been renamed. This causes the Google Sheets Arbor extension to not update, so when refreshing can cause an error. If you have changed the sheet name, you'll need to re-add the live feed to the sheet.

Wrong output format

Certain output formats may not work with certain data tables due to HTML tags - try switching the Output format of the Live Feed to HTML v2.

Blocked by CORS policy

When trying to configure a Live Feed to output data in JSON format instead of HTML, you may encounter an error stating that the request has been blocked by CORS.

Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is a standard security mechanism and is implemented within Arbor to protect the system and your data.

If you're developing a local application and wish to consume data from Arbor within, your needs are likely better served by getting data via the Arbor API. Head to the Developers Portal at to get started.

The staff member has left

When a staff member has left the school and you've completed the process to end their employment to disable access, their business role will no longer be active. This means any live feeds they created will have expired and may no longer work. When a staff member leaves you'll need to recreate any live feeds they created.

You'll need to set up these live feeds again following the normal steps in our article here.

To delete the expired live feed go to School > Data > Export > Live Feeds. Use the tick box to select the relevant live feed and then use the Bulk action button to Delete.

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