Communications videos

Communications Overview
A short overview on Communications to learn where to send new communications as well as viewing sent and received messages. This should help you learn the basics of how to access areas such as email, sms, labels and in-app messages to name a few!
Mail Merge Email
In this video we look at the steps to send a new mail merge email including details from a custom report by using a template and merge fields. This is useful for sending out personalised information on a larger scale.
In this video, we'll go through how to generate labels for you to print out for a group of your current students.
Mail merge letters
In Arbor, you can generate mail merge letters. After creating the letters shown in this video, remember you'll need to print and send out these letters outside of Arbor - we can't send them for you.
If you want to create default layouts for your letters, including a header or footer, take a look at this video.
Mail Merge SMS
Watch this video to see how to send texts in bulk to guardians, including choosing which students to text regarding, whether to combine texts and what you can include in a basic text.
SMS Billing and Sending Profiles
Before being able to send SMSs, you'll need to purchase some SMS credits. When sending SMSs, this uses your purchased SMS credits, so watch this video to see how to purchase credits and see your usage.
If you have letters, emails or texts you regularly send out, you can add a template to be able to load a template you've previously created. See how to create new templates, and edit existing templates in this video.
Communications from the Student Profile
You can send a single email to a single guardian or their child from a student's Student Profile. In this video, we'll see how to do this, how to set privacy settings for the email and how to view communications sent to the student or their guardian.
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