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For full up-to-date guidance on interventions, please see our articles here: Interventions.


Setting up an Intervention
You can set up interventions to group certain students together and support them in achieving a certain goal. Perhaps they need to improve their attendance to above 90%, or you want to help them achieve better in their maths tests. An intervention will help you track whether they are meeting their goals.
Scheduling an Intervention
Once you've created the intervention, you can enrol students, add staff and schedule sessions when you will meet with the intervention students.
Intervention Attendance and Registers
When taking an intervention session, you can take attendance similar to a normal lesson. This will feed into your statutory attendance if this intervention overlaps with your Roll Call times.
Moving Students in Interventions
You might need to remove students from an intervention if they have met the criteria, or move them to another intervention. In this video, we'll show you how to manage your students.
Intervention Reviews and Notes
You should regularly review your intervention to make sure it is effective. In this video, you'll see how to evaluate your intervention outcomes and schedule and log intervention reviews.
Intervention Costs
To help you evaluate whether the money spent on interventions is balanced by how effective they are, you can log intervention costs in Arbor, including staff costs per hour and other costs.
Intervention Provision Mapping
The provision map in interventions gives you an overview of all the interventions running in your school.
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