Errors 3130, 3100, 1852 and 1855

For full details of what you need to record to prevent these errors, please see: Hours at setting, funded hours, extended hours and 30 hour codes

30 Hours Code Errors 3130 and 3100

  • 3130 - The 30-hours code is missing for a student.
  • 3100 - There are extended hours but not a 30-hour code.

Click the error in the Arbor Validations section. In the slide over add the correct information.

  • If the hours are correct, you will need to add the thirty hour code.
  • If the extended hours are not correct, you will need to amend them. If the extended hours should be 0, delete all text in the Extended hours field and save.

Regenerate your census to check if the error has cleared.

Funded hours and Hours at setting Errors 1852 and 1855

  • 1852 - Funded hours not provided or out of the range 0 to 15.
  • 1855 - Hours at setting missing or invalid.

Click the error in the Arbor Validations section and update the slide over with the total number of hours the student attends (Hours at setting) and the number of Funded hours. 

Regenerate your census to check if the error has cleared. 

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