Checking your Arbor Data Migration Report for Primaries

Once you have access to your live Arbor system, we will need you to start checking the data in Arbor, to confirm that you’re happy the data has migrated from your previous MIS to Arbor correctly and no data is missing.


To access the Data Migration Report, you will need the Student Profile: Admin: Administer All Students permission. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Using the report

How to download the Data Migration Report

Navigate to School > Data > Data Migration Report.

Once you have navigated to the correct page in Arbor, you should click the orange Download QA Report button. 


This will start to download the file to your computer. Once the download is complete, you can open the report to see information about your school summarised in one place.

Once you have downloaded the data migration report for the first time, you will not need to download it again, as the information will stay the same as when you first generated the report - it will not change.   


How to use the report to check your data

A lot of information in the report is linked to your Arbor system. For example, there is a section that shows you how many students you have that are Pupil Premium students.

  • If you click on this part of the report, it will take you to your Arbor MIS, and a list of your pupil premium students in the system so you can see who those students are.
  • There are some figures which you cannot click, but you can report on these here: Additional custom reports for your Data Migration QA Report

You can use this report to confirm the numbers match what was in your previous MIS, along with the Data Migration Counts that you recorded in your pre-migration checklist before the migration. 


What to do if there are discrepancies

If you notice any differences in the numbers between your previous MIS and Arbor, you should get in touch with the Arbor Support Team following these instructions: How can I report migration issues?

Signing off the report 

You should sign off the report in Arbor, no later than 2 weeks after Go Live. You should do this by going to School > Data > Data Migration Report and clicking the green Sign Off button. We need you to sign this off within two weeks of using Arbor so that we can confirm you’re happy that the data has migrated across correctly. Leaving incorrect data in Arbor for any longer may make it more difficult to resolve the issues.


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