How can I report migration issues?

If you've recently moved to Arbor and you've found that some data you expected is missing or doesn't match the data you had in your previous MIS you'll need to check in Arbor where you expect the data to be and check in your previous MIS where you expect the data to be.

  • If the data isn't present in your previous MIS you'll need to add this data into Arbor directly.
  • If the data is present in your previous MIS but not in Arbor you'll need to get in touch with us so we can investigate the problem for you. 

To report the issue, contact the Arbor Support Team if supported by Arbor, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor.

Include the following:

  • Information about what is missing/different on Arbor. What are you expecting to see on Arbor? 
  • Attach a screenshot of the data that's present in your previous MIS to the email.
  • Paste the URL of the related page in Arbor into your email.
  • If this is a profile you should include the Arbor ID for the user in your email too. You can find this in the Identity section on a profile in Arbor. 

For example, if I had pupil premium data in my previous MIS but I couldn't find this in Arbor after checking where it should be I would contact support explaining that the pupil premium data is missing and giving an example student, student 771, who was pupil premium on my previous system but isn't in Arbor. I'd attach a screenshot of my previous MIS too showing that the student was marked as pupil premium there. 

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