Additional custom reports for your Data Migration QA Report

During your move to Arbor, you can access our Data Migration report to check the figures in Arbor and ensure data has migrated correctly. Further details here:

In this article we'll go through some of the key figures in your QA report that don't have a link to a page in Arbor where you can drill into and check this data. We'll give you access to other reports you can create to check this.


When clicking into the Students Enrolled link, you'll be taken to your Year Groups page. This will show you the number of students in each year group, but if you want to see total enrolment in your school, take a look at our guidance here: Reporting on the number of students enrolled in your school

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In the report, you'll see some bar charts outlining your demographic splits.

You may wish to see the students making up these numbers. You can see more information here:

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You can see how to see a list of your persistently absent students here: Seeing students who have persistent absence

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There are three figures we include in your data migration report. To check who these students are, use the reports below.

  1. Click the link at the bottom of this article to download the report template. Do not open the template. 
  2. You can then import it into your site by following these instructions: Importing a report
  3. You can then go to the student's profile and click on the guardian to edit these details.

Top Tip: Students need to have guardians set as Primary (rather than Legal) to show as emergency contacts and to log into Parent Portal and the Parent App. You can see the difference between Legal and Primary Guardians here: Assigning family as Primary or Legal Guardians

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 14.25.01.png


Students with "Do not contact guardians"

Use the Guardian Contact Details page.

Students with more than 2 legal guardians

Once imported, filter your report to see those with 3 or greater legal guardians.

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 10.49.28.png


Students with no legal guardians

Once imported, you can see a list of students with no legal guardians. Search for students in the search box to go to their profile and add guardians 

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