Primary Onboarding Weeks 5 to 8

You're halfway through your onboarding journey and your new Arbor MIS is due to launch!

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect over weeks 5 to 8 of your move to Arbor.  

Week 5

What happens this week?  

In week 5, your new Arbor MIS will launch! The project leads at your school will receive an email with instructions on how to log into Arbor. These instructions should be shared with the wider team to enable them to get logged in too, so that you can start taking attendance in Arbor.

To save time on your first day we have put together a document of the top things to consider on your first day using Arbor - read this quick troubleshooting FAQ before you log into Arbor for the first time to help minimise any issues.

Once you're logged in, you’ll need to start to check the data in your new Arbor MIS over the coming weeks to make sure everything looks okay. You can do this by downloading the Data Migration Report and checking your Data Quality Dashboard.

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Actions for this week

Top tip for week 5!

We recommend that you and your team bookmark your school's Arbor URL in your Chrome browser, you can also bookmark your favourite Arbor pages that you visit frequently to make them quicker to access!

Week 6

What happens this week?

Week 6 is a key week in the quality checking of your Arbor data. You’ll need to sign off your Data Migration Report in Arbor to confirm you’re happy with the data we have migrated from your previous MIS, and we recommend working through any errors on your Data Quality Dashboard.

You'll have had access to Arbor for a week now, so your staff should be logged in and using Arbor to take attendance, but you might also be starting the think about other areas of the system you want to use, such as Meals, Payments, and the Arbor Parent Portal/App.

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Actions for this week

  • Complete your data checks in Arbor and sign off your data migration report
  • Check-in with staff to make sure they're getting on okay using Arbor, do they have the right level of access to the system to complete their day-to-day activities? You can find out more about Roles and Permissions in Arbor by clicking here.
  • Start to think about any additional modules you may want to set up in your new Arbor MIS, such as Meals, Payments, and the Arbor Parent Portal/App.

Top tip for week 6!

Making sure your team has access to our training materials will help them succeed. We recommend checking in with them to make sure they have accessed the Help Centre, and are able to contact support when needed. 

Week 7

What happens this week? 

By week 7, your onboarding is almost complete! This week is a good opportunity to really start to learn more about Arbor and embed the processes you’ll want to use in your new MIS for going forward.
You should spend some time getting used to all the support options available to you and your team. We would recommend taking some time to navigate our Help Centre and Community so that you're familiar with them.

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Actions for this week

  • Sign up to the Arbor Community and introduce yourself to other users in the Meet your Community area.
  • Take a look at our Help Centre and don't forget to bookmark any important pages.
  • Share any additional helpful resources and training materials with your wider team, and make sure they know the support options available to them.

Top tip for week 7!

Make sure you have access to and have bookmarked the upcoming webinars section on the help centre here. Our expert Support Team occasionally hosts free to join webinars on different topics, such as Census, New School Year Setup, increasing parental engagement, etc. The webinar recordings can be sent over to you even if you can’t attend them live, so if there is something coming up that you find interesting it’s worth signing up. You can also see a list of our past webinars here!

Week 8 

What happens this week?

Your final week onboarding to Arbor! We've loved working with you to help get you started and we can't wait to see what you do next with your new Arbor MIS.
Over the next couple of weeks, your Account Manager will reach out to introduce themselves and pick up from the Arbor Onboarding Team.

You can continue to get in touch with the Arbor Support Team or your Arbor Accredited Support Partner if you have any day-to-day support queries.

Where are we on the timeline?


Actions you've completed over the last few weeks

  • You've completed a data cleanse in your previous MIS
  • You've booked and attended your Arbor training
  • You provided your data to Arbor, and we have migrated your data to your new Arbor MIS
  • Staff have logged in and are getting used to their new Arbor MIS
  • You've started using Arbor to take attendance
  • You've signed off your Data Migration Report in Arbor and setup and additional modules such as meals, payments, and the parent portal.

Top tip for week 8!

Make sure you've joined the Arbor Community and are familiar with our Help Centre. Why not make sure you've bookmarked how you can get in touch with help and support when needed. You can find out how you can get in touch here.

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