Contact us - How can I get in touch with Arbor?

The easiest place to find information is to jump into the Help Centre's step-by-step instructions (including searchable Census error codes and queries).

The Help Centre can be used by anyone who uses the Arbor MIS, whether you're partner supported or Arbor supported. You don't need to be signed in.

See how to get the most out of the Help Centre here: How to use the Arbor Help Centre

Check if you're supported by Arbor

If you are a parent, you can use these articles to help you or contact your school for more information. Please do not contact Arbor directly.

If you are a student, you can use these articles to help you or contact your school for more information. Please do not contact Arbor directly.

If you are a Partner supported school, you will need to speak directly with your support partner, as our phone, email and Webchat support is only available for Arbor supported schools. Partner supported schools will not have the Chat option within the MIS. Please do not contact Arbor directly.

How to contact us if you're supported by Arbor

If you can't find what you're looking for in our Help Centre, you can contact us by Web Chat, Email and Phone. Our support team is usually available to help on weekdays (Monday to Friday, 08:00-17:00), excluding public/bank holidays or certain dates outlined below.

Should you need to get in touch outside of our operating hours, please use the Contact Us form, and we'll be back in touch as soon as we can.

Webchat and Arby

In the bottom left of your screen:

  • you can access Arby for walkthroughs and common FAQs: Using Arby
  • click on the 'Help' icon in the Help Centre, or 'Chat' from within your Arbor site to have articles suggested to you.

If you can't find what you're looking for using webchat, you can then begin chatting with a member of our Support Team. Click here for more help, including FAQs on sending links and screenshots: Using Webchat

If you’re on Advanced Support, please instead book a call following your standard Advanced Support booked call process.



Submit an email ticket to our Support Team

Click Contact Us in the top right of our Help Centre, or the I'm still stuck! button at the bottom of an article. This will come through to our team as an email.

Select the relevant form (for example if you need to report a bug).

In the form, provide us with as much information as you can including relevant links or screenshots where possible. This will ensure we can investigate thoroughly for you without having to email back for more information which can delay a resolution. For example, if a staff member is having login issues, please provide their name.



You'll then get a notification that your question has been submitted, and you'll hear back from us soon. You can see how to track your requests here: How can I view my open requests with the Support Team?



Ask your Arbor Community

Why not ask a fellow Arbor user if they can help with getting the most out of Arbor. Click here to get started.

Please note that the Community is not monitored by Arbor staff, so please use another channel if you require a response.

Call us

We're available on these numbers:

  • Primary and Special schools - 020 8050 2086
  • Secondary schools and Central MAT teams - 020 8050 2087
  • Advanced Support - Available on request when purchased
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