Can parents make payments in bulk?

Using our Basket feature, parents can add payments to their basket to allow them to pay for clubs, trips, meal or other account top-ups for multiple children all in one household in one payment!

On the school side, payments are not grouped together if they were paid using the basket. Each item in the basket is treated as a separate item for reconciliation.

Please note that this feature is not available on the Parent App. To use the basket feature, parents will need to be logged into the Parent Portal on a desktop or laptop computer. Parents can continue to make payments individually on the Parent App.

To see how parents can use the basket functionality, see this article: Using the Basket to make payments on Parent Portal

If a guardian adds a club payment to their basket, the child will show as 'Not Paid' on the school side until they pay for their basket. Until they pay, they are not confirmed and will not appear in the register.

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