Arbor SaaS Terms and Conditions

Following customer feedback and a wider market review, we have recently strengthened our terms and conditions. A brief summary of changes include:

  • Improvements to committed service levels with the addition of a platform availability SLA of 99.8% in working hours and 99.5% outside of working hours.
  • We will now provide customers with at least 12 hours of advanced notice of any scheduled outages for platform maintenance.
  • Our scheduled outage windows for maintenance shall last no more than 2 hours.
  • For customers who have purchased Advanced Support, we have added details of service credits. These are only available to advanced support customers.
  • We have also updated clauses around data protection in relation to the use of our platform by API partners.

If you have already agreed to the terms and conditions no further action is required.

You must not use the Arbor systems if you have not signed a copy of the terms and conditions.

Click the link below to download the terms and conditions document as a PDF.

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