Arbor SaaS Terms and Conditions

You must not use the Arbor systems if you have not signed a copy of the terms and conditions.

Click the link below to download the terms and conditions document as a PDF.

Latest updates:

  • added definition of Accredited Partner and Accredited Partner Agreement
  • added reference in Clause 5.3 to the responsibility for agreeing terms with an Accredited Partner for support
  • added reference under the Institutions obligations to accredited partners in Clause 6
  • added reference to the management of third party integrations by Accredited Partners in Clause 12
  • added limits to liability into Clause 13

Key points of our terms and conditions:

  • Our committed service levels include a platform availability SLA of 99.8% in working hours and 99.5% outside of working hours.
  • We provide customers with at least 12 hours of advanced notice of any scheduled platform maintenance.
  • Our scheduled outage windows for maintenance shall last no more than 2 hours.
  • For customers who have purchased Advanced Support, we have added details of service credits. These are only available to advanced support customers.
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