Create groups of schools using Clusters on the MAT MIS

What are clusters?

A cluster is a set of schools you have chosen to group together. For example, you may want to group all your southern and northern schools, all your primaries or all your struggling schools. Grouping schools into clusters allow you to compare different types of schools to each other and see statistics for the cluster as a whole in the analysis pages.



How can I set up a cluster?

Go to Institutions > Clusters. Here you can view all of the groups you have sorted your schools into. 



To Add a new cluster, click '+Add', complete the slide over and select 'Create Cluster'. 



You will then be taken to the cluster overview.



Add schools to this cluster by clicking '+Add' in 'Current and Future members'.

Select your schools then click Add Members to add them to the cluster.



Transferring between clusters or deleting a school from a cluster

You can perform bulk actions to transfer members between clusters or remove them from a cluster.

Just tick the box next to the schools you would like to transfer or remove, then click the Bulk action button.



To remove a school, select Remove members, then click the Remove button in the slide over.



To transfer schools to a different cluster, select Transfer members. In the slide over, select the cluster to move them to, then click the green button to move them.


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