Managing Business Roles, Permissions and access on the MAT MIS

Role-based access control means you can manage each staff member's permissions to access different areas of the MAT and school sites. You can see more guidance on what business roles and permissions are here: What are Business Roles and Permissions in Arbor?


You will need the Basic Details: Administer All Group Staff permission to edit business roles and permissions for MAT MIS staff.  If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask someone else to give you permission following the instructions below.

Adding and removing permissions

If you need to change access for a user, there are three ways to manage this. Please note, you cannot add any more business roles than the current list.

Give or remove business roles

You can select a different business role for the user from the list of roles. You can either remove the first role and replace it with a second, or add an additional role - their permissions will combine to give them all of the permissions for both roles. You can see how to do this in the Business Roles and Permissions section here: The MAT Staff Profile

Give staff additional ad hoc permissions

If you need to give a staff member a few extra permissions, you can with Ad Hoc permissions!

Go to the Roles and Permissions section of the staff member's profile, and click +Add in the Roles & permissions section.



Select Ad Hoc Permission.



Select the permission from the dropdown (type into the box to narrow down the list). Select the date range this permission should be given for, or leave the date blank to set it as ongoing, then click Assign permission(s).



You'll then be able to see the permission in the list. You can click it to remove it if needed.



Change the default permissions

If the permissions are not sufficient or too much for all users with a certain business role, you can modify the default permissions for the Business Role.

However, we don't recommend assuming responsibility for permission management. This is because we sometimes need to make changes to the default permissions included in a business role. Any business roles managed by your school won't be updated. If your school has responsibility for managing a Business Role, you can see the actions you'll need to take here: Are we notified of updates if we edit the permissions for a business role?

If you do decide you need to do this, go to Group Staff > Users & Security and select the business role. Click on the Permissions Management field and click the red button.



You can the add or remove a permission from a business role by going to Group Permissions or School Permissions from the left-hand menu. Click on the permission, you'll see the option to add the permission if there's a cross, or remove the permission if there's a tick.



Viewing business roles and permissions assigned

Navigate to Group Staff > Users & Security to check the Business Roles in use and see the number of users assigned each role. Please note, you cannot add any further roles than what you see here.



By clicking the Business Role, you will be taken to the Role Overview, where you can see if it's managed by your MAT or by Arbor.



Who has each business role

From the left-hand menu, you can click Users to view who has been allocated this role. You can also assign new staff members this role by clicking the green button.



Permissions included in each business role

You can view the permissions associated with the particular role on a MAT or School level by clicking the Group Permissions or School Permissions on the left-hand menu. 

Permissions determine what level of access a user has to an area of the system. These could be set to Off (user cannot access this area of the system), View (view only) or Admin (make administrative changes e.g. manage users, make payments, amend targets) as appropriate for the role.

To view more information about the permission, click the permission and then the 'More Information' button in the slide over. 



Full permissions list and who has each permission

You can see a full list of available permissions by going to Permissions from the left-hand menu.

Click the permission to view more information.



You can view the Business Roles and Users that have this Permission by using the left-hand menu.


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