Change school names on the MAT MIS

You can change how the name of your schools are shown on the MAT MIS.


You'll need the Group: Details: Administer or Group: Institution Details: Administer permission. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Changing the name of a school in MAT MIS

By default in the MAT MIS, we'll show your schools using their full name.

To change how their name shows on your MAT MIS site, go to Institutions > Browse Institutions and select the school.

Click on MAT School Short Name, add this in, then click Save Changes.

Top Tip: The field will update right away, but it can take a little time to be applied across your site.



Where does this change impact?

The original long name will still show on the Institutions > Browse Institutions > select school page, but the MAT short name will show everywhere else including:

  • On the Institutions > Log in to MIS page.
  • On the Institutions > Browse Institutions page.
  • In filters.
  • In chart names.
  • When reporting on institutions in the Custom Report Writer.
  • On the Single Central Record.
  • When sending bulk emails.

Top Tip: If a short name is set on a school site (on the School Details page), this won't affect the MAT MIS. This means your MAT and your schools can have different ways to refer to the school, so please bear this in mind when comparing results or reports.


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