Get a list of all the Training Courses a staff member has attended

You can get a breakdown of attendees for training courses in bulk for each course, or see a list of all the training an individual staff member has taken. If you need to set up Training Courses, you may find this article useful.

List of Training Courses for all or multiple staff members

Go to Staff > All Staff > Staff Development. Click Training Courses > Course Attendance on the left-hand menu.

This will show you a list of all the Training Courses that have been attended, broken down by staff member.



What if I need this for just certain staff members?

This page only filters on date, not staff members. If you need a list of a particular staff member only, you can either filter your table, or use the staff member's staff profile (shown in the section below).



Training Courses for a specific staff member

You can download this from the staff profile itself. Click the green Download/ Print button and select Download Staff Profile.



Untick all the sections you wish not to include. Make sure to leave Qualifications and Checks ticked as this is where the Training Courses are held.

Click the green Download Staff Profile button.



This option won't give a breakdown of all the events/ dates that the training took place, only a list of the Training Courses they were part of at any point.


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