Managing training courses and adding and removing staff

Please note that you’ll need the Staff HR: Basic Details: Administer permissions to create and edit training courses.


Setting up a new course

Adding the course

Go to School > All Staff > Staff Development > Training Courses > All Training Courses. You can view all the current training courses set up, or add a new one by clicking +Add.



A slide over will appear for you to enter details about the training course you are creating, then click the green Create training course button.



Adding the training event

Next, you will want to add a Training Event for this course and add staff members. Click on the Training Course name and a slide over will appear showing the course details. Select More to reach the Training Course Overview page.



Click the Add Event button.



A slide over will appear for you to enter details about the Training Event you are creating, then click the Add Training Event button.



Adding staff

To add staff members to the training course, click +Add.



A slide over will appear for you to select staff members to add. If fees are to be recorded for each staff member, the details can be added here.



The members of staff attending the event will now be listed on the Training Course Overview page. You'll also be able to view them on the Course Attendance page and sort columns based on expiry date.



Removing staff from training

Go to School > All Staff > Staff Development > Training Courses > All Training Courses and click the training, then click More.



Click on the row containing the name of the staff member.



Click the Remove person from course button.


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I'm still stuck!


  • We are finding updating our training records extremely time consuming.  There are so many courses that have pulled through from our old MIS 

    There are loads of repetitions and each time you want to look at /amend any training courses you have to scroll right down the massive list until you find the one you want to amend.

    Is there a faster way please that will make it less time consuming and if not, please could we request that another way is investigated as soon as possible?

    Thank you

    Penny Harrison

  • Hi Penny

    I completely understand what you mean about this being time-consuming! You probably know that we change Arbor based on feedback and we really appreciate your thoughts on this. We usually collect feedback on our public roadmap so that we can track how many schools are interested in a change and what they want the area to look like in the future so we can make this work the best it can for you. I've checked and we don't have a space for staff training improvements on our roadmap yet but I will bring this up with our team to see if we can add this to it. Once that's done it would be great to have your feedback on this area. You can see how to submit feedback to us here

  • I agree with Penny.  Logging and reporting on CPD / training is very important in a school environment and this part of Arbor seems to be the only aspect of the MIS that isn't intuitive.

    Could training course be linked into header groups (Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Curriculum, Leadership, etc) and then have the events categorised under these to allow easier navigation and housekeeping?

    Kind regards



  • That is a great idea Chris.  Thanks for suggesting the header groups.

    Kind regards


  • Is there any way of adding staff to the actual Event rather than the course - you may have a course running on different dates and I need to be able to tell which staff attended on which day?

  • Hi Caroline, to track which staff attend on each day, you could set up an event as well.

  • Can external training venues be listed for location. The only option I see are internal rooms / gym / sports field? 

  • Hi Sheryl, to add more locations, you would need to set them up.


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