Change a Teacher's name

Changing a staff member's name can be done from their staff profile. For example, if you want the staff name to show initial then last name, rather than their First Name and Last Name, you will need to adjust the Preferred Name.

Go to the Staff Profile and click Name in the Identity section.



Change the preferred name to what you want seen in the Search Bar etc. but keep the Legal Name as their full name.



It will look like this on the staff profile.



It will look like this in the search bar, and in other areas of the site.



I just want to change their name on the timetable

This article shows you how to change staff names and abbreviations just on the timetables.


What if I need to add a Former Name?

If a staff member has gotten married or changed their name, you can add a former name from the Identity section of their profile using these instructions: Adding the former name

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