Can we add volunteers, governors, contractors supply teachers and third party staff to our Single Central Record (SCR)?

The SCR will show staff members that have been added to your school Arbor site and who have had an active Business Role at some point during the current academic year. It will not show staff who have not been added to your Arbor site as a staff member.

Because of this, for volunteers, governors and third party staff to show on your Single Central Record (SCR), you'll need to add them to Arbor with a business role.

Use this article to create a profile for the person, selecting the right business role. Make sure all members have the same business role if you want to send an email to only governors, for example.

  • Arbor has Governing Body Member as a business role for you to select.
  • For supply teachers, please follow this guidance.
  • If you don't see a dedicated business role, it isn't possible to add new ones but you can rename one you're not using.

What if they have a profile already?

  • Make sure they have an active business role. You can use this article to add a business role to a staff member.
  • Make sure they have an email address under the Contact Details section of their profile.

I don't want these profiles to be included in the Workforce Census

You can use this article to exclude staff profiles from the Workforce Census.

How will they appear on the SCR?

The isn't a separate tab or the ability to filter in the SCR for different user types (governors, volunteers, agency, peripatetic etc), they'll just be included in the list.

What if we have parents who are also governors?

In Arbor, you need to have a separate profile for guardians and staff, they are not linked together. This allows you to manage the access and data recorded on each profile individually.

Just make sure that the two profiles have different email addresses to enable them to log into both accounts - you can see how to do this here.

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