Custom Single Central Record (SCR)

You can create a custom Single Central Record (SCR) in the Custom Report Writer if you want to add additional columns that aren't included in our out-of-the-box School Single Central Record (SCR). You cannot import your own SCR.

You can also export your custom SCR, which is useful if you want to add staff members (governors, volunteers, agency staff) without creating a staff profile for them on Arbor.

To do this, you can use our Single Central Staff Record template from Custom Report Writer. 

  1. Go to School > Custom Report Writer
  2. Click Create New Report
  3. Click the Template drop-down menu
  4. Select Single Central Staff Record
  5. Select Create Report From Template



You will then be taken to the Custom Report Writer setup page.

If you are happy with the date range being set as the current academic year, just click next. You will then be able to add or remove columns.

Once you are happy with the columns, just click Skip Setup Wizard. All that's left to do is click Save and View Report and you're done!



Click the Download button to export to Excel to add extra rows for additional staff members.


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