Can staff update their own personal details?

This article will explain what details staff are able to view and edit on their own profiles. 

Staff cannot view and edit all of their details, such as transport, medical and dietary requirements. They can edit basic details such as contact details and they can change their password.

Staff can also edit their own next of kin details using the steps in this article: Can staff add, edit or delete their own Next of Kin?

Adding permissions to their account such as Staff Profile: All Staff: Basic HR Administration, will allow them to change more details on their profile. However, they will be able to access and edit the information on all staff profiles, not just their own.

Therefore, it is important to fully read and understand what any added permissions will allow them to see/edit. You can do this by going to School > Users & Security > Permissions.

If you do need to add more permissions to a staff members profile, you can do so by following this article: Viewing a staff member's permissions and giving them an Ad-Hoc permission

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