Adding a New Staff Member and creating a new staff profile

To add a new staff member, go to School > All Staff > Add New Staff Member.


Staff Profile: All Staff: Basic HR Administration - Create a new member of staff 

If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


There are some compulsory fields when creating a new profile: Sex, Title, Legal first and last names. These are marked with a star (*).

Fill in all the required information and assign them a Business Role. This ensures they can access the Arbor site with the correct Permissions from the Start Date. Users must be given a business role to be able to log in.



If the staff member if new to Arbor, make sure you add their school email address when creating their profile and check the 'Send welcome email' box. This will send the staff member a direct link and instructions to support them with logging onto Arbor for the first time. 

Top Tip: You can see more about using this email template here.



Once all the information is added click on "Create Staff Member". The profile will then be created.



Next steps

Once you've added a staff member, you'll need to add their contract details:

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